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Policarpo Baquera

Alicante (Spain) 1991

Architect graduated with Honours at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSA Madrid).

He has studied architecture and urbanism in Universidade de São Paulo and he has worked in AZPML Alejandro Zaera-Polo and Maider Llaguno Architects in London, as well as in the architecture office Langarita Navarro in Madrid.

He has collaborated as researcher along with VIC Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas in the project “The Urban Citizens Extitutional Processes in Madrid” exhibited in the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016. Moreover, his work “Six Charts about the Strait of Gibraltar” has been recently shown at the exhibition “El Borde de una Herida” in CentroCentro Madrid and CDAN Centro de Arte y Naturaleza Fundación Beulas in Huesca. This last academic course, he has collaborated as teacher assistant at MArch Máster Habilitante de Proyectos Arquitectónicos at Unit Lapuerta in ETSA Madrid.

His final thesis “GeoFront” about new development strategies over bordering territories, has been awarded with the first edition of the european prize YTAA Young Talent Architecture Award 2016 by Mies Van Der Rohe Foundation; the award PFC Strikes I and the award Cátedra HNA both by ETSA Madrid; the prize Eduardo Torroja de Ingeniería y Arquitectura 2016; and issued at AV Proyectos No 75.